Sunday, December 31, 2006

Snow is good for me, but bad for dad....

Well, it finally snowed here. As you know, I really enjoy the snow. HOWEVER, dad went to the grocery store so mom could make something called chili, and had a small mishap. Pictures are attached.

This is what we get when we ask for snow. :>(
Dad is ok though. Someone pulled out in front of him and when dad tried to miss the idiot in the truck, he slid on the icy road into a ditch and hit a telephone pole. Thank goodness dad is ok. He's just upset that the van is squished. He said mom will have a hard time since she's got to get in and out through the passenger side until the van is fixed and with her cast, it will be a challenge. Bummer.

Hugs, Kel

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Not much to talk about, but here's some pics

Here's me and Smokey hogging the bed. Needless to say, mom went downstairs and slept in the chair this night. We would have moved, really.

Here's me sleeping like I saw it done by Monty at Holly's House (if memory serves me). It's comfortable and I like it. Thanks for the tip!

Here I am with mom's post operative foot. See how sweet I'm being?

Smokey still thinks he's a lap dog. Oh yeah, I am the designer of those pants dad has on. I thought the giant hole would be a nice touch, so I tore them with my teeth one day...while dad was in them. teehee

Ok, last but not least, here are the newest tries at being pathetic. I hope that we've made Sam proud. It's a lot of work being this pathetic.

Hope you all enjoyed our newest pictures.

Hugs and drool,
Kel and Smokey

Uh oh, we've been tagged.....

Ok, here are the things I wish for on Christmas....

1. A delicious plate of Christmas dinner
2. A delicious plate of Christmas dessert
3. Happiness and peace for all my furry friends (I know, I'm a sap)

Three things I don't want? That's easy...
1. Dry dog food for Christmas dinner and/or dessert
2. Warm weather ...... YUCK. (Bring on the SNOW)
3. Sadness, hunger, illness, or anything else bad for any of my furry friends (still sappy, sorry)

The Rules:The player of this game starts with "3 things he/she would love to get for Christmas", and then lists "3 things he/she definitely does not want to get for Christmas." Then, he/she tags 5 friends and lists their names. The ones who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. And, the one who tags, needs to leave a comment that says, "You've been Christmas tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Ok, I will tag the following: Dusty Doodles, Turbo, FuFu, Opy, and last but not least, Macy and Maleachai.
Happy Howlidays to all!

Kel and Smokey

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New hard red thing...

Mom was in an exceptionally good mood today. She's starting a new job with Holly's mom (my foster mom) next Monday. She seems really excited about it.

Today, she went to the doctor (vet?) and got a hard red thing on her leg. It smells funny and when you lick it, it's really scratchy.

Also today, she kept asking me how someone could not love me. What the heck does that mean? She says that the person who turned me out must not have had much of a heart because I'm beautiful and the love of her life. She even told my dad that when he got home from work! She must be on some good medication! Ha Ha

I'll be back with more soon and some pics this weekend! I hope everypup (and all furry friends) are doing well!

Love and Drool,

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mom's getting better........s l o w l y .....

Well, thank you to all of you who have inquired bouts my mom. She's getting better slowly. We're trying to help her out with getting round the house and stuff, but it seems like we end up in the way more often than not.

She had a couple of really bad days where she was crying a lot. There was nothing we could do to make her smile. I tried too. I gave kisses (them teardrops are salty), I tried to be the cutest I could be and rolled on my back to "air it out" which normally makes her tell me how silly I am and giggle. I tried everything I could think of. I even made noises I don't normally make (I'm not a very vocal husky boy), but I did it, I woowooo'd and I barked, and I wimpered. I did all of it for her. Nothing doin. She just cried and hugged me so tight I was choking.....

Dad says that she's depressed cuz she can't get around so well. I guess when you've got 4 legs and one goes bad, it's not that big of deal to get around cuz you've got three others, but when you're a biped and one goes bad, it's hard to get around on just one. She sure wasn't taking it very well.

This lasted for last Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. Who knew you could cry so much?! Anyway, she seems to be doing a little better with it. She still can't get around so well, but she's smiling more which is nice. Plus, now she thinks we're cute again. She apologized to us for "neglecting"us. I'm not sure what that means, but to me it meant carrots (YUM) and kisses and hugs.

I hope that you all are having a great holiday season!

Talk to you all soon!
Kelsey and Smokey

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sorry it's been so long...

Hurooo all! Sorry it's been so long since our last post! Seems like forever since we've been able to use the computer, but it's been really crazy around here. Our human mom had to have surgery on one of her walking legs. She was gone for a night in the hospital, and since she's come home she has been just sitting in the big chair in the living room.

I don't think she feels too good because she's not as happy as she was before she spent the night at the hospital. I hope she starts feeling better soon, because I miss my happy mommy. She still tries to make sure we get a lot of kisses though, which I am happy about.

How's everyone else been? Looks like Samuel (from Holly's house) has been up to no good (at least pouting and itching).

I hope that all is well with everyone and that you forgive me for not blogging recently. I felt like I needed to be by my human mom's side to comfort her. She took a picture of me doing just that, and I will post it soon.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving to all (humes included).

My humom says that Thanksgiving Day is a day to be thankful for the things you have in life. I'm not sure if that means I'm sposed to be thankful for the toys I have or the warm bed I getta sleep in. I'm going to go with the latter.

I'm thankful for the nummy food I get every day. I'm thankful for the cold fresh water I get to drink and for the doggie door that leads me out into my back yard where I get to play anytime that I want. I'm thankful for always having the option to come back into the house when I want to (unlike when I was out running loose).

I'm thankful for the pool I get to play in when it's hot outside and the vents I get to lay on when I'm hot (they blow out cold air).

I'm thankful for Smokey who I get to play with and love very much.

I'm thankful for Holly's mom, because without her, I could be on Rainbow Bridge.

Most of all, I'm thankful for the faces I get to lick at home. I'm thankful for the hugs I get, the love I get, and the love I get to give.

What are all of you thankful for?


Happy Thanksgiving to all (humes included).

My humom says that Thanksgiving Day is a day to be thankful for the things you have in life. I'm not sure if that means I'm sposed to be thankful for the toys I have or the warm bed I getta sleep in. I'm going to go with the latter.

I'm thankful for the nummy food I get every day. I'm thankful for the cold fresh water I get to drink and for the doggie door that leads me out into my back yard where I get to play anytime that I want. I'm thankful for always having the option to come back into the house when I want to (unlike when I was out running loose).

I'm thankful for the pool I get to play in when it's hot outside and the vents I get to lay on when I'm hot (they blow out cold air).

I'm thankful for Smokey who I get to play with and love very much.

I'm thankful for Holly's mom, because without her, I could be on Rainbow Bridge.

Most of all, I'm thankful for the faces I get to lick at home. I'm thankful for the hugs I get, the love I get, and the love I get to give.

What are all of you thankful for?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekends over

Well, the weekend is over, but it's ok with me because my hudad is on vacation all week long. I'm not sure what that means, but I overheard mom and him talking about him being home all week and something about when to make the turkey and stuff which I am excited about!

Here's a picture of the nummies my humom makes for us. It gots carrots that are crunchy, green beans, cooked chicken, sliced crunchy apples, and punkin from a can with just a touch of dry food and my medicine. It's deeeeellliiiicccious!

Mom says it is good for me, but who cares bout that? I just know it tastes really good and is fun to eat cuz it's got all different feelings on my mouth when I eat it.

I was talking to my mom the other night and she told me about it being Shula Mae's anniversay since she left us for Rainbow Bridge. Shula Mae used to live at Holly's House ( I met Shula once, and I have to tell you that she was a wonderful girl. She was cute the way she pranced and her little yippy husky bark was outta this world! She is still missed every single day but we'll meet again at Rainbow Bridge where we'll play and play! Here's a WoowoOooooOOOoo to you Shula. WOOOOOOO wooooooooWOoooooooOOooooooo

Thursday, November 16, 2006

You all should be proud of me.....

Well, I've been working on making the human woman crazy and I think I've gotten it done...

Lastnight when Smokey ate his chicken and vegetables mixed with dry food, he instantly threw up. I think he ate too fast.

Well, I happened to be there when it happened and the food was still looking good so I ATE IT!!!!!!

Mom screamed and tried to stop me but that made me eat it faster. It was great! I think she seriously almost lost it!

Go on and crazy your humes up a bit more with this stunt! Guaranteed to work!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Big old spiders.....

Ha ROoooooooo!

Well, today my humom found a great big wolf spider and she started freaking out. It was fun to watch.

She put both her legs up on the chair and squealed and squealed until my hudad caught it and took it outside, which didn't make her at all happy because that means that it could come back in.

When he caught it, she ran up three flights of stairs (not an easy feat after eating so much garbage food--none of which she'll share with us) and locked herself in the bathroom. I guess she thought dad was going to chase her around with it or something. She finally came out of the bathroom after about 3 minutes of asking over and over again "Where's the spider?".

It was quite amuzing. Anyway, how scary can it be? It is part wolf which is part canine which is what I am. Duh. Stoopid hoomans.

Hope all is well in your homes and that HULA is going strong!


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Football Sunday

Well, it's football Sunday and my family didn't leave for the field. They're all here and have been all weekend! I hope this means that my boy's football season is over because I sure miss them when they're away.

Today has been a lazy day. Just hangin round the house. Still waiting for the rest of that punkin I had yesterday. I only got half of it down before she took it away. Here's a couple pics of me sleeping on my mom's bed. Doesn't it look comfy? I even stole her body pillow for my own use! If you look closely, you can see her flannel lounge pants on the bed beside me (they're blue checkered) I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend with your families too.

Drool and kisses, Kel

Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Pics of us beautiful boys...

What a handsome pair of guys!

This is just after I had eaten a cookie and I was getting up and still licking my chops. Not a very flattering pic, I'll admit, but I didn't snap it, my mom did. What was she thinking?

Here's my handsomeness sleeping on the loveseat like the royal beast that I am.

Smokey is on the sofa cuddling with a pillow. I have to admit that I have an awesome brother.

Punkins are AWESOME!!!

I told my mom about Dusty Doodles and his awesome punkin pics do you know what she did?

She went out and bought me and Smokey each our very own punkin! I think she's finally lost it! Dad apparently thought she was nuts too and so did the person at the store (from what I heard them talking about).

Here's me with my firstest punkin ever! Mom rolled it down the hill and I chased it and carried it around in my teeth and then I realized that it was delicious!

Here's Smokey with his. He really didn't know what to do with it at first, but he caught on really quickly after watching me.

Here's me feelin fat and sassy. I've eaten about half of the punkin and I have to say that it was amazing!

Mom took the punkins away after we started slowing down on our munching. She put them in the refrigerator, so I think we get more tomorrow! Woooo WOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo!

Friday, November 03, 2006

All about Holly's mom...

Well, not many of you know this, but Holly's mom is my foster mom. Yup, she took me into her home for almost a whole year before she found my forever family.

I was running loose on the streets of Missouri. I was cold, thin, scared of human contact, and a real mess. A dog catcher got me and put me in a yucky shelter. I was there for awhile and then this kind stranger came and got me and took me home with her. It was a long car ride and I wasn't sure where we were going or what to expect when I got there. I was scared.

When we got to her house, I met Samuel and Abbey. I got food, cuddles (which I absolutely hated) and a warm soft place to sleep. At last, a home. But getting used to having siblings was a hard thing to do. Samuel and I weren't exactly buddies. I got hurt more than once and had to go to the doctors.

Almost a year later, I was fattened up, more confident, and apparently ready for a forever home. Janice (that's my foster mom) found my forever mom (Cody) through a woman in Lincoln, NE at the husky rescue there. We met.

I jumped on the new woman's car and scratched it, but she didn't care. Smokey and I got to meet and we got along pretty good.

Next was the home visit. Janice and I got in the Siberian Subaru and went to Cody and Tim's house. I got to run all over it and smell stuff I hadn't smelled before.

Janice left me there to stay the night for a trial. I didn't do so well. I made messes in the house and Smokey and I didn't get along. My new mom cried and didn't want to keep me.

After she called Janice and they talked, my new mom decided to stick it out and now I'm my new mom's best friend! (another good thing, my new mom and my foster mom are really good friends too so I get to see my foster mom a lot which is good, because sometimes I miss her).

We cuddle, play, give kisses, I get spoiled... It's a perfect union. It's been 3 years now and I'm happy that it all worked out.

Janice is always in my heart. She gave me the chance that somebody else didn't. She gave me my first taste at what a family was and she truly loved be like nobody had before. She also found me the home that is my forever home.

All dogs should be lucky like me. My life didn't start out so great, but thanks to Janice, it's perfect now. I hope Janice always knows that I love her. I hope she knows that I thank her for all that she did for me (even holding me down on the bed and forcing me to let her pet me. I know now that it was something that I had to learn to like after being mistreated and not trusting humans and while I didn't like it at the time, if she wouldn't have done it, I would have missed out on so much love).

So, to all you dogs out there, make sure that you give lots of love to your foster mom, forever mom, or just any mom that you've got because they're really special people to love us like they do.

Janice, if you see this, or if Holly tells you about it, remember that I, Kelsey, ruv you very much!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Weekend's over...

Well, it was a pretty uneventful weekend. Mom was sick so she pretty much slept a lot. BORING.

She took Smokey to see Dr. Osterholm on Friday though. Turns out the lump on his neck is a papilloma and is benign (not sure what those two things mean, but mom said them and she seemed happy about it, so I guess it's good news). Mom has to put medicine on it a couple of times a day and poor Smokey got his neck shaved. He looks stupid with that big bald spot, but I don't want to tell him that and hurt his feelings.

Mom had that stupid camera thingy out on Saturday and was taking pictures of us. Sometimes I wish I could tell her that enough is enough. She sees us all the time, why does she need to take pictures? Crazy woman.

The weather is warm today (70). I'm still hoping for a trip to Colorado. Turbo offered me a ride and Holly said that her clan would like to go too. So, what time will Turbo be in Omaha? I've got to go to Turbo's blog and find out. I'm excited! WOoooooooo wooooooooooooo....

Well, nothing else new here. As soon as those pictures are in the computer, I'll get them put on the post to share with you guys.

Hope you all have a great week and I'll talk to you soon!

Friday, October 27, 2006

I wanna go to COLORADO...... NOW

Hello everyone! I don't know if your humes have had the box with the people in it on lately, but mine have and there's a man inside that said something about snow in a place called Colorado. He said there was a lot of snow--something like 3 feet (which makes me curious about the shoes they're wearin with only 3 feet).

Anyway, I want to go there NOW!

Can you imagine the drifts of snow we could pounce in and the tall piles of it to dig in? I'm a husky dog and we husky dogs LOVE our snow. We love the way it smells, feels, tastes, looks, crunches under our toes, EVERYTHING!

I wonder if that much snow will come to Nebraska. I'm sure my mom and dad wouldn't like it, but Smokey and I would LOVE it.

Watch the box with the people in it and see what he says about snow coming to your area. It's a very exciting time when that happens!

The night of the scary people.....

Well, hello to all. I have be giving Halloween a lot of thought these past few days. Every year, these scary humans show up wearing goofy clothes. I get rather excited when I hear the doorbell ring (I like visitors...A LOT) and then my mom opens the door and there is some scary person asking for candy!

I'm not going to lie to you, it kinda freaks me out a little (ok, a lot). Not to mention all the anger that gets built up.

What is this day all about? Some of them are small people and some are bigger ones. Mom and dad say nice things to them like "aren't you darling" and "oh my, you're cute" UM HELLO?!?!?!?!?! What 'bout ME?? I'm cute and darling!

Are they all furry and soft and full of slobbery kisses? Who is it that cuddles with you when you're sad or cold or just tired and makes you laugh when you're upset? ME!

Who chews your shoes, opens the cabinets to take canned foods out into the yard, and scratches and claws at you? ME!

What about the kisses I give? You know, the ones where I smush my pink wet nose on your lips and drag my overbite just enough so that you feel my front teeth on your chin? Hmmm??? Have you forgotten about that?

Maybe I need to distort my face, show my teeth, growl, and foam at the mouth a bit to be "oh just so cute"? Listen lady, I'll do it. I swear I will.

Sorry, I had to vent. I am hoping my hume will read this later and maybe remember that it is I, KELSEY that gives her so much joy and deserves to be the "darling" one. Ok, and maybe Smokey too. He is my brother and I will give him props.

Well, I hope that all of you other furry critters out there get at least one of those "darlings" on Halloween night. I know I'm going to do WHATEVER it takes to get one here in Omaha.

Signed by the "darling" ones in Omaha (even if our humom doesn't see it) hmpffhhhh

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I have many questions...

Today I spent the day pondering things while my mom slept. Ready? There's a lot I need to know...

1. When your hume brushes you outside and it's windy, where does all the hair go?

2. When we meet new dogs, we give'm a good ole' sniffin. When humes meet new humes, they shake hands. Why don't they give'm a good ole' sniffin?

3. Still wondering what the guy that comes over on Monday's is doing taking my poop out of the yard. Why does he want it?

4. Why do I only want the things I can't have and then once you finally cave in and give it to me, do I not want it anymore?

5. Why can't I have the animals I catch in the back yard to keep as toys (or snacks)? I caught them.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

By the way......

Helloooo! Smokey here. Kelsey finally stopped hogging the computer long enough for me to get my two cents worth.

Yes I'm the one that barks a lot, but it's just because I'm old and wise and have a lot to say. Also, I am not a weenie as Kelsey likes to say that I am...I am just not as young as I used to be and I don't see the point in running around like my tail is on fire all the time, like he does.

I do find comfort in the normal daily things like sleeping on the furniture, getting my belly rubbed, sniffing my humes hair, and licking my butt. These are normal daily things that I find absolutely relaxing.

I like that Kelsey put pictures of both of us on the website, however, I feel like they don't really capture my true beauty and he chose the ones of him that do. I will have to dig for some good ones of myself when he's not around, unless he drooled on them all when he was digging through them. Hard to say with that one.

I like having a brother, but I don't always like having to share everything. I know it's the only fair thing to do, but I don't necessarily enjoy it. I do like the chicken and green beans we get and that was something we get because of Kelsey being overweight, so I guess that's a good thing about his being here.

I do like that my humom spends more time brushing him and less time brushing me. He's got more hair and I enjoy watching him be tortured. It's fun. He runs around and barks like he's scared or mad, but I think he kinda enjoys the attention. I'd rather have a good scritchin' behind the ears any day of the week.

If you furry friends get a chance, check out my humom's website. It's She and Hollybollyboo's humom have a animal rights group and the website is full of information about safety and stuff that helps to keep us furry friends safe. Good information for your humans to read. Also, there's a kids page for the younger humes in your homes.

Gotta go for now!


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yucky day

Well, it has been a yucky day according to my humom. The weather is nice and cool and the mist isn't really bothering me cuz I've got husky hair. Not sure if it's bothering Smokey too much though, he's just layin around being lazy.

My humom said she found a lump on Smokey under his right ear. She seemed really freaked out about it. Mom always freaks out when one of us has even the smallest things wrong. Looks like poor old Smokey has to go to the doctors this Saturday to get it checked out.

I'm healthy though. I've not had a seizure in over a month and my weight is getting under control. My humom is very happy with me.

A couple of weeks ago she gave us some nummies and I mushed it onto her bed with my pink snout. She now calls me Mush Mush. I think it's cute and when she says it, my tail wags a lot. I'm not sure why it does that. It just does.

Anyway, I better go back to sleep. Dad doesn't know I'm on the computer.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Green Beans Galore

Well, our humom went to the place where she goes and comes home with bags of food. She brought us home something she calls green beans. She says they're fresh and that they are good for us.

I was skeptical at first. I mean, someone comes to you with something skinny and green to eat and it smells like grass (which you're normally in trouble for diggin up and eating to begin with)
anyway, she wants us to EAT these things. I am normally not shy about food, so I bite onto the cold green food...crunch....crunch........................crunch.................YUMMY! This new fresh food is delicious! Crispier than grass, tasty, juicy, and good for me too? My humom sure is smart.

I beg and beg for more and so does Smokey. We love our new green cold beans. I think we've had them cooked before, but then they were mushy and didn't taste the same.

Anyway, I hope all of you other furry friends reading this ask your humom and hudad for some of them. They're good for you and really tasy.

More later,
Kel & Smokey

Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Monday

Well, no rain like my humom promised. No matter though, it was chilly out and I got to run around out in the wind.

My humom and hudad bought yet another child safety lock for the cabinet with the trash can in it. Guess what, I STILL got it open while they were sleeping last night. I don't think they were as amused as I was that I got it open. Oh well, I guess they'll try another kind of latch someday.

I would like to let you all know that the temperature in Omaha will be getting pretty darn cold. Add some snow and it'll be perfecto!

Smokey and I like to frolic in the snow. I especially like when the snow drifts and I can run through it. I also like when my humes shovel it off the deck and I can run into the flying snow and bite at it. Only thing is that it makes my teeth cold.

This morning the man that comes to take away our poopie came again. I barked at him a lot. He seems nice and pets us both when we come out to see him in the yard. I just don't understand why he wants our poopies. What could a human possibly need with it???

Not much else to report here. I am glad that I'm meeting all of the other furry friends on dog blog and hope to meet more and more!

Have a great Tuesday! (oh, and if you know why the human takes our poopie, could you please enlighten me?)

Kel and Smokey

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ready for the weekend!

Well, my humom says the weather is supposed to be really nice (possible rain)...we know what that means, THE DIRT WILL BE AWESOME FOR DIGGING!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to go out and get my white paws all goopy in the dirt. I can feel it now-grass between my toes, fur all clumpy with mud, oh the smell of it. I don't know what could be better!

Then, the real fun comes...I go in through the doggie door, lightening fast so she can't catch me with that towel she's holding to wipe off my feet, I slide all around on the shiny floor in the kitchen, making sure to get each corner of it nice and sloppy. Then I'm off to the rooms with the furry floors (my humom says it's something called carpet or something like that). Then, onto the furniture (couch, chair, and beds). Oh what fun I'm going to have!

Smokey doesn't usually partake in this fun. He's to proper for that. He just watches me thinking that he's better than me. Silly fool, he doesn't know what he's a missin.

Later, when my humom tries to get me into the box with the hose and water to wash me off, I'll run like mad out the doggie door again so she can't catch me.

It's going to be sooooo much fun! Wooooooooo woooooooooooooo!

Things I do to make my humom crazy...
1. Open the toilet lids with my nose. (I don't drink from there, but she doesn't know that and it's fun to keep her guessing)
2. Nip and bite her while she's sleeping. Why doesn't she understand that I just wanna play?
3. Get into the trash and cover the shiny floor with it.
4. Open cases of pop and hide the cans all around the house...hide and seek anyone?

Hope all my canine friends have great weekends and that they have many adventures!

Woo woo,

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Weekend Fun

Well, it's Wednesday and I've been far too busy playing with my family to get to the computer.

Saturday, I chased my mom around the coffee table. She ran and ran and I followed. It was so much fun. Smokey even got in on the action. We both chased her and Smokey was biting her in the butt and then she'd scream and run faster. I jumped up on the sofa and tried to get her arm, but she was running too fast.

I love when we play like that. Sunday, mom, dad, and my boy were gone most of the day. Something to do with that ball my boy has that isn't quite round, but is more of an oval. I think it's called feetball, but I'm not sure. Since I can't get it into my mouth, I don't much care about it. Anyway, with them gone and the house nice and quiet (except for the radio which is nice), Smokey and I got to relax all day.

When they got home, they smelled like food. I think they went and had some nummies that we weren't allowed to have. It smelled so good. I was just glad they were home though. They seemed really glad to see me too. Mom was doing her baby talk thing, which I think is annoying, but she loves doing it so much that I play like I like it.

Tonight there is no feetball practice so I will get to spend the whole evening with my family. I will let you know what kind of fun we have tonight.

Talk to you soon,

Friday, September 29, 2006

Our pics

This is my human dad, Tim. He was cuddling with me on the loveseat. Smokey was getting jealous (what else is new) because he wasn't getting cuddled just then. He got over it when our boy (Chauncey) cuddled him. Then we were both pretty happy.

This is me. It is Christmas of 2005 and I'm hoping that someone will scritch my tummy. If not, it really doesn't matter because I'm too cute for words.

This is Smokey, my brother. Here he is lying in the basement. Our humes like to go down there in the winter months and play with these shiney balls on a really large table. They call it pool, but honestly, I don't see any water.

Our first blog

Well, let me tell you a little about us. My name is Kelsey and I am a 5 year old white Siberian Husky. I was rescued by my foster mommy Janice. She made me healthy and learn to love being petted and kissed. At her house, I had two cats to play with, a step brother Samuel, and a step sister Abbey.

After about 9 months, she found me a home with my new forever family of humes. Tim is my daddy now. He gets down on the floor and plays with me. He knows that I always win when we wrestle, but he does it anyway. He makes funny noises that make my head go from side to side. He also throws the ball for me and lets me wear his hat sometimes. I think he is lots of fun.

My new forever mommy is Cody. She loves me like no other. Even when I chew up her shoes, purses, wallets, watches, belts, furniture (do you see a trend?), she doesn't get mad at me. She kisses me on my pink nose and cleans up the mess. Just yesterday when I chewed the bands off both ends of her watch (dad found the face of it in the back yard buried in the dirt...I gotta start digging deeper holes for my treasures) she just put it in the trash and rubbed my head. She's the best!

My new forever best friend is Chauncey. He is 13 (9 when I moved in). He is full of energy and plays with me a lot. He likes to rub my head, you know the spot, right between my ears. It feels so good. He also gives me plenty of kisses and hugs. I'm not a big fan of the hugs, but the kisses on my nose are great.

Then there's Smokey. He's the brother I was telling you about. He's 9 and is a Shepard mix. He is really nice and lets me be the alpha. He plays tug o war with me and runs around the back yard with me and lots of other fun stuff. He even lets me drool all over his head and ears when we play and doesn't seem to mind. He sure does bark a lot though. Makes my ears ring. I like to watch him go down the stairs on the deck and then I lay right at the top step so he can't come back up. It's not very nice of me, but it's fun. We like playing in the snow together and in our pool that mom got us for the summer months. Big brothers are cool.

Today when my mommy got home, Chauncey was sitting on the couch (he should have been on the bus). He apparently couldn't find his binder (which I had thoughtfully put out in the back yard via the doggy door). Mom told him to go out and look and what do you know, he found it right at the bottom of the steps where I placed it for easy visualization. Silly boy.

Mommy works the night shift at a hospital. I like this because Smokey and I are not home alone very often. During the day while she is sleeping, she lets me crawl up in bed with her and we snuggle. Smokey doesn't like this though so he goes into the guest bedroom (aka our room) and sleeps on the queen size guest bed (aka our bed). Mom turns on the ceiling fan for us so that we don't get hot. Granted the a/c is on, but we have on fur coats and get warm easily.

One day a few weeks ago when mom was sleeping, I went into a seizure (I'm epileptic) and fell right off the bed. I think I got my head stuck under there because when I came to, mom was standing over me talking calmly and the bed was moved. She always talks softly to me when this happens. It makes me feel comforted and safe. She must really love me because she broke the bed moving it. This is a good feeling because my life before her and my foster mommy wasn't very good. I'm glad my foster mommy came to get me. I love her and I love my forever family.

I am sorry that I am writing so much, but this is my first blog and as a dog, I can't really talk (aside from an occasional woo woo and barking at the neighbors) so this typing thing is really neat. Smokey wants to type too so you may see a future blog from him. He's usually too busy barking to care about anything else, but who knows, maybe he'll take a break from it and fill you in.

Wanna hear a joke? What do you call a Husky? Doesn't matter, he's stubborn and won't listen anyway. WWOOOOOOO WOOOOOOO....................

I will attach some photos of myself and my brother sometime soon so that you can enjoy them. I just have to ask mom if she'll let me use the digital camera. She tends to frown on the drool I get all over the screen and lense, but I'll try to be careful.

Hope you enjoy my blog and that you come back often.