Saturday, September 30, 2006

Weekend Fun

Well, it's Wednesday and I've been far too busy playing with my family to get to the computer.

Saturday, I chased my mom around the coffee table. She ran and ran and I followed. It was so much fun. Smokey even got in on the action. We both chased her and Smokey was biting her in the butt and then she'd scream and run faster. I jumped up on the sofa and tried to get her arm, but she was running too fast.

I love when we play like that. Sunday, mom, dad, and my boy were gone most of the day. Something to do with that ball my boy has that isn't quite round, but is more of an oval. I think it's called feetball, but I'm not sure. Since I can't get it into my mouth, I don't much care about it. Anyway, with them gone and the house nice and quiet (except for the radio which is nice), Smokey and I got to relax all day.

When they got home, they smelled like food. I think they went and had some nummies that we weren't allowed to have. It smelled so good. I was just glad they were home though. They seemed really glad to see me too. Mom was doing her baby talk thing, which I think is annoying, but she loves doing it so much that I play like I like it.

Tonight there is no feetball practice so I will get to spend the whole evening with my family. I will let you know what kind of fun we have tonight.

Talk to you soon,