Friday, August 21, 2009

Been drained...

Mommy hasn't let me use the computer this week because she said she's been "drained". I think all the stress caught up to her and she's been very sleepy.

Today she had to go get a shot for her allergies. Now she's really sleepy and said her right butt hurts. I know what that is like, so I'm being extra good for her.

Holly's mommy and daddy had to drive to Sioux City for her daddy's mom's surgery. I know that sounded confusing, it's Jan's mother in law. Anyway, things didn't go very well this last Wednesday when they did the first surgery, so they have been driving up there a lot to check in on her. Please cross your paws and send sibe vibes to them (I hope those work for humans).

Well, mommy says she'll be getting some pictures of me up soon, so be ready cuz I'm feeling pretty photogenic. This not having a tail is kinda cool. I'm streamlined, I don't knock things over with it anymore, and mom and dad treat me extra special. I think I'm gonna milk it for awhile longer. I love this extra attention.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Hugs and drool,