Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back again

Hurooooooo all! Well, I've been pretty busy lately. Mom's doing better with her foot. Soon she'll be ready to start going for long walks---I hope.

I had to go to the doggie dr last Friday. My tummy started hurting and I was vomiting all over the carpet. My mom was really worried about me.

We went to see Dr Osterholm. She checked me out (took my blood and put something in my behind) and then she told mom that my back teary uh was growing too much. She gave me a shot so I wouldn't vomit anymore and an anti bio tick. She also gave me two pre scripshuns. I'm feeling so much better!

I have already begun to get back to my old ways. I've taken a shoe outside. I've gotten the cabinets open. I've bit mom playfully, and I've tried to eat dad's chips.

I hope to be writing more often, so check back. Also, did you notice anyone white and fluffy as a new HULA member? IT'S ME!!!!! WOOOooooo HOooooooooooo!

Bark at ya later,