Thursday, July 30, 2009

Surgery and/or radiation?

Well, my mommy and my other mommy (aka, Holly's mommy) took me to a new drs office. I got to smell the beautiful flowers that were outside the door and then I got to see the nice man at the counter. After a short wait, the doctor called us in and looked at my twomore and said it was in a bad spot (don't know what they're talking about because my fluffy white fanny is an awesome spot)...anyway, I heard the doctor say something about not being able to take off my tail. WHOA. WHO MENTIONED ANYTHING ABOUT TAKING OFF MY TAIL?!?!?!

They talked about doing a sirjury to make my twomore smaller and then freezing the tishoe. I think I will like having something cold on my tush because I am a siberian husky and I like cold stuff.

They also said something about going to Colorado State to have something called raydiayshun. Mommy said she couldn't stay with me there so I don't know for sure who will be there with me. I hope it's not scary. By the way, what's with all these big words, don't they know I'm a dog and don't spell so good?

Anyway, mommy cried a lot and I felt sad for her. She says I'm her baby and that she loves me more than anything and I hope that she knows I love her too. Her and my other mommy, Janice.

So, they said that they would call mommy and tell her what the dr in Colorado says and then we'll go from there (wait, where are we going?)

I hope you all know I'm being a very brave boy and I'm not feeling any pain or feeling sick. I am playful and giving my mommy a lot of kisses since she seems so sad lately. Plus, those tears are salty and I like that.

Hugs and drool as always,