Monday, March 12, 2007

Still getting there...

Last check of temp was 101.4. It was 102.5 four hours previous and I was able to go visit with my Kelsey. I would like to think that I helped bring it down.

The vet had to give a medication to stimulate the intestines because after eating his "intestinal diet" he vomited after 5 hours.

He is shaved and I told him that the other huskies were going to call him a poodle. HA!

He looks so much better and made sure to slather my face with Kelsey kisses (oh how much I have missed that).

I spent about an hour with him today, but he's still at the hospital. Until he keeps food down, he can't come home.

Smokey smelled him on me though and finally ate and seemed to cheer up.

Home soon? I sure hope so.

I'll get some pics of him and post them soon.

Thank you all again!