Friday, November 03, 2006

All about Holly's mom...

Well, not many of you know this, but Holly's mom is my foster mom. Yup, she took me into her home for almost a whole year before she found my forever family.

I was running loose on the streets of Missouri. I was cold, thin, scared of human contact, and a real mess. A dog catcher got me and put me in a yucky shelter. I was there for awhile and then this kind stranger came and got me and took me home with her. It was a long car ride and I wasn't sure where we were going or what to expect when I got there. I was scared.

When we got to her house, I met Samuel and Abbey. I got food, cuddles (which I absolutely hated) and a warm soft place to sleep. At last, a home. But getting used to having siblings was a hard thing to do. Samuel and I weren't exactly buddies. I got hurt more than once and had to go to the doctors.

Almost a year later, I was fattened up, more confident, and apparently ready for a forever home. Janice (that's my foster mom) found my forever mom (Cody) through a woman in Lincoln, NE at the husky rescue there. We met.

I jumped on the new woman's car and scratched it, but she didn't care. Smokey and I got to meet and we got along pretty good.

Next was the home visit. Janice and I got in the Siberian Subaru and went to Cody and Tim's house. I got to run all over it and smell stuff I hadn't smelled before.

Janice left me there to stay the night for a trial. I didn't do so well. I made messes in the house and Smokey and I didn't get along. My new mom cried and didn't want to keep me.

After she called Janice and they talked, my new mom decided to stick it out and now I'm my new mom's best friend! (another good thing, my new mom and my foster mom are really good friends too so I get to see my foster mom a lot which is good, because sometimes I miss her).

We cuddle, play, give kisses, I get spoiled... It's a perfect union. It's been 3 years now and I'm happy that it all worked out.

Janice is always in my heart. She gave me the chance that somebody else didn't. She gave me my first taste at what a family was and she truly loved be like nobody had before. She also found me the home that is my forever home.

All dogs should be lucky like me. My life didn't start out so great, but thanks to Janice, it's perfect now. I hope Janice always knows that I love her. I hope she knows that I thank her for all that she did for me (even holding me down on the bed and forcing me to let her pet me. I know now that it was something that I had to learn to like after being mistreated and not trusting humans and while I didn't like it at the time, if she wouldn't have done it, I would have missed out on so much love).

So, to all you dogs out there, make sure that you give lots of love to your foster mom, forever mom, or just any mom that you've got because they're really special people to love us like they do.

Janice, if you see this, or if Holly tells you about it, remember that I, Kelsey, ruv you very much!