Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Rest in Peace Abbot

It is with a heavy heart that I am posting that mommy's friend Jonene lost her sweet Abbot to cancer.

Mommy and Jonene have been talking a lot recently and turns out they go to the same doctors office that we go to. Apparently Abbot has been battling this illness for some time and while he wasn't a blogger, he was a fellow fur friend.

To Abbot I say, there is no more pain. You are free from cancer. No more needles and you are free. Play with all the other kitties and puppies at the bridge and someday, when the time is right, your humes will cross the bridge with you.

To Jonene, Ron, and the kids I say, I'm terribly sorry for your loss. We don't even think about how hard the end will be until it gets here. We live for the moment and the kisses and snuggles. You are truly better people for the love that you gave Abbot while he was here and he will be waiting for you at this side of the bridge.

All of our thoughts and prayers,
Kelsey, Smokey, and Cody

Puzzler for you

What do you get when you cross a white siberian husky and a silver Mazda?

Yup, me going to Colorado four days early!!! The doctor called my mommy today and said they can get us in on Friday instead of Monday. That means we'll be in the car (silver Mazda) on our way to there on Thursday.

Not sure why mom cries about stuff like this and she's keeping a book that she has named Kelsey's Cancer Book. I think that because she can't control the cancer, she's got this book as something she can control. If it were my book, I'd spend less time writin in it and more time slobbering on the pages and making the paper tear. It's a fun sound that paper makes (ask Khady about it, she's into that too).

So, wish us luck and a safe drive. My other mommy, Janice, is bringing her laptop, so if we have a wi-fi connection (whatever that is), hopefully I'll get to blog with any news.

Oh, by the way, mommy said I passed all my tests and that they were all normal. Whew, sure glad I studied.

Hope you're all having a great week and I'll be on the lookout for snow as we get closer to Colorado.

Hugs and drool,