Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tomorrow's the day...

We'll know the results from the biopsy tomorrow. I find myself looking at Kelsey and thinking that there's no way such an ugly disease could possibly be inside of him. He's so beautiful and so sweet and has those blue eyes that melt my heart. Nothing so ugly would dare enter his sweet fluffy body.

I can't keep my hands off of him either. I cuddle with him a lot as it is, but these past few days I find that I just can't bear to be too far away from him. I just can't imagine how I'll feel if we find out it is cancer. I know my life, and his, will change forever. I'll let you know what we find out. I hope that we get good news. I'm sure it'll be another sleepless night with the anxiety that I'm feeling.

Please say a prayer for us. We could use it.
Hugs to all of the furry babies out there and their humans.