Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Tomorrow is the BIG day

Tomorrow I leave with my mommy and my other mommy. If that sounds confusing, here's the story.

One day long ago I was running loose on the streets in Missouri. I was hungry, thin, scared of people, and alone. I was picked up by a person from the animal shelter and got fed, but I was still scared and the cage was not exactly warm and fuzzy.

After what seemed like forever, a nice woman named Janice came to visit me. She told the man she wanted to adopt me and take me home. He told her that I wasn't neutered, so she'd have to come back. She drove ALL the way back to Omaha, and then returned a few days later. She put me in the car and I was terrified. I didn't understand what was going on. This woman, with the soft voice wanted to pet me. Whoa, why would anyone do that? I couldn't get used to this kindess. She got me to her home and literally had to hold me down so that she could give me this petting and love (things I was not aware existed).

After nearly a year, she met my new mommy, Cody. She let me go spend the night at Cody's house and I got to play with Smokey, Chauncey, and Tim. I was a little nervous. I'd come to know the love that Janice (my firstest mommy) had shown me, but was a little leary of strangers.

My mommy Janice came back to see me and told my new mommy that I could live here with her furever. My mommy Janice cried and cried as she left and I wanted to go with her.

Now, here it is almost 7 years later, and I still have two mommies! Who would have ever thought that I would be lucky enough to have two mommies to love me and care for me and cry for me and fuss over me?! I'm just a dog from the streets.

So, tomorrow, my mommy and my other mommy will take me to Colorado. I know they are both hopeful for me to become healthy and beat this stupid cancer. I'm ready to be rid of it too. You saw the pictures, my tushy is all naked! How embarassing.

Now, I'm going to be stuck with both of them pawing all over me! I guess there are worse things in life though. I could be out on the streets still, or worse.

I'll let you know how it all goes,

Hugs and drool,