Monday, August 03, 2009

No more stitches for now...

I got the hot pink stitches taken out today when we went in for my tests. I studied really hard (ok, I hid my nose in the middle of the book and pretended, but what mommy doesn't know won't hurt me).

I rode in the car and got to see and smell some new things. I hope I have lots more days of that. I really like going in the car. Today, mommy turned around and said "hey baby schnooks, are we going bye bye again" (baby schnooks?) anyway, I pressed my cold and wet nose on her lips and gave her a great big kiss! She started laughing and my boy (the human boy, Chauncey) he was laughing too. One big wet kiss from me and she loses herself in laughter and giggles.

Dr. Osterholm went out and talked to mommy and my boy while I was in the back getting them pink stitches out. I could tell that mommy had been crying again. She's really worried about me and about making the right choices. She said that Dr. Osterholm helped make her feel better. Dr. O's Shepherd had cancer too and she took her to Colorado, so she knows what we're all going through.

That's all for now, mom's cooking something that smells really good, so I'm gonna go lay at her feet and maybe she'll drop something yummy.

Ta ta for now