Sunday, March 18, 2007


Here's Kelsey after the first surgery. He was still out cold.
Here is Kelsey with his "poodle" paws.

Here's what Kelsey ate that got stuck inside him. Here's his bruised stapled tummy. This is from the day we got home. The bruising is gone now and the swelling is going away too.

Here's Kelsey on his blanket and pillow that he gets to use. There's one on each level of the house so he can be comfortable wherever he goes. This was taken about 5 minutes ago. Well, we're progressing slowly. He's eating more and is more active. However, I don't think we're completely out of the woods yet.
This Thursday, we get our staples out and have our first check up post surgery. We are hoping for a positive report. The love we have for this little guy is amazing and so is his will to live and be loved by us.

Thank you all again for all of your support through this. This blog site is such a great community for pet owners and pets to talk and get things off their chest. You are all very dear to me.

Thank You!