Friday, October 27, 2006

I wanna go to COLORADO...... NOW

Hello everyone! I don't know if your humes have had the box with the people in it on lately, but mine have and there's a man inside that said something about snow in a place called Colorado. He said there was a lot of snow--something like 3 feet (which makes me curious about the shoes they're wearin with only 3 feet).

Anyway, I want to go there NOW!

Can you imagine the drifts of snow we could pounce in and the tall piles of it to dig in? I'm a husky dog and we husky dogs LOVE our snow. We love the way it smells, feels, tastes, looks, crunches under our toes, EVERYTHING!

I wonder if that much snow will come to Nebraska. I'm sure my mom and dad wouldn't like it, but Smokey and I would LOVE it.

Watch the box with the people in it and see what he says about snow coming to your area. It's a very exciting time when that happens!

The night of the scary people.....

Well, hello to all. I have be giving Halloween a lot of thought these past few days. Every year, these scary humans show up wearing goofy clothes. I get rather excited when I hear the doorbell ring (I like visitors...A LOT) and then my mom opens the door and there is some scary person asking for candy!

I'm not going to lie to you, it kinda freaks me out a little (ok, a lot). Not to mention all the anger that gets built up.

What is this day all about? Some of them are small people and some are bigger ones. Mom and dad say nice things to them like "aren't you darling" and "oh my, you're cute" UM HELLO?!?!?!?!?! What 'bout ME?? I'm cute and darling!

Are they all furry and soft and full of slobbery kisses? Who is it that cuddles with you when you're sad or cold or just tired and makes you laugh when you're upset? ME!

Who chews your shoes, opens the cabinets to take canned foods out into the yard, and scratches and claws at you? ME!

What about the kisses I give? You know, the ones where I smush my pink wet nose on your lips and drag my overbite just enough so that you feel my front teeth on your chin? Hmmm??? Have you forgotten about that?

Maybe I need to distort my face, show my teeth, growl, and foam at the mouth a bit to be "oh just so cute"? Listen lady, I'll do it. I swear I will.

Sorry, I had to vent. I am hoping my hume will read this later and maybe remember that it is I, KELSEY that gives her so much joy and deserves to be the "darling" one. Ok, and maybe Smokey too. He is my brother and I will give him props.

Well, I hope that all of you other furry critters out there get at least one of those "darlings" on Halloween night. I know I'm going to do WHATEVER it takes to get one here in Omaha.

Signed by the "darling" ones in Omaha (even if our humom doesn't see it) hmpffhhhh