Friday, September 29, 2006

Our pics

This is my human dad, Tim. He was cuddling with me on the loveseat. Smokey was getting jealous (what else is new) because he wasn't getting cuddled just then. He got over it when our boy (Chauncey) cuddled him. Then we were both pretty happy.

This is me. It is Christmas of 2005 and I'm hoping that someone will scritch my tummy. If not, it really doesn't matter because I'm too cute for words.

This is Smokey, my brother. Here he is lying in the basement. Our humes like to go down there in the winter months and play with these shiney balls on a really large table. They call it pool, but honestly, I don't see any water.

Our first blog

Well, let me tell you a little about us. My name is Kelsey and I am a 5 year old white Siberian Husky. I was rescued by my foster mommy Janice. She made me healthy and learn to love being petted and kissed. At her house, I had two cats to play with, a step brother Samuel, and a step sister Abbey.

After about 9 months, she found me a home with my new forever family of humes. Tim is my daddy now. He gets down on the floor and plays with me. He knows that I always win when we wrestle, but he does it anyway. He makes funny noises that make my head go from side to side. He also throws the ball for me and lets me wear his hat sometimes. I think he is lots of fun.

My new forever mommy is Cody. She loves me like no other. Even when I chew up her shoes, purses, wallets, watches, belts, furniture (do you see a trend?), she doesn't get mad at me. She kisses me on my pink nose and cleans up the mess. Just yesterday when I chewed the bands off both ends of her watch (dad found the face of it in the back yard buried in the dirt...I gotta start digging deeper holes for my treasures) she just put it in the trash and rubbed my head. She's the best!

My new forever best friend is Chauncey. He is 13 (9 when I moved in). He is full of energy and plays with me a lot. He likes to rub my head, you know the spot, right between my ears. It feels so good. He also gives me plenty of kisses and hugs. I'm not a big fan of the hugs, but the kisses on my nose are great.

Then there's Smokey. He's the brother I was telling you about. He's 9 and is a Shepard mix. He is really nice and lets me be the alpha. He plays tug o war with me and runs around the back yard with me and lots of other fun stuff. He even lets me drool all over his head and ears when we play and doesn't seem to mind. He sure does bark a lot though. Makes my ears ring. I like to watch him go down the stairs on the deck and then I lay right at the top step so he can't come back up. It's not very nice of me, but it's fun. We like playing in the snow together and in our pool that mom got us for the summer months. Big brothers are cool.

Today when my mommy got home, Chauncey was sitting on the couch (he should have been on the bus). He apparently couldn't find his binder (which I had thoughtfully put out in the back yard via the doggy door). Mom told him to go out and look and what do you know, he found it right at the bottom of the steps where I placed it for easy visualization. Silly boy.

Mommy works the night shift at a hospital. I like this because Smokey and I are not home alone very often. During the day while she is sleeping, she lets me crawl up in bed with her and we snuggle. Smokey doesn't like this though so he goes into the guest bedroom (aka our room) and sleeps on the queen size guest bed (aka our bed). Mom turns on the ceiling fan for us so that we don't get hot. Granted the a/c is on, but we have on fur coats and get warm easily.

One day a few weeks ago when mom was sleeping, I went into a seizure (I'm epileptic) and fell right off the bed. I think I got my head stuck under there because when I came to, mom was standing over me talking calmly and the bed was moved. She always talks softly to me when this happens. It makes me feel comforted and safe. She must really love me because she broke the bed moving it. This is a good feeling because my life before her and my foster mommy wasn't very good. I'm glad my foster mommy came to get me. I love her and I love my forever family.

I am sorry that I am writing so much, but this is my first blog and as a dog, I can't really talk (aside from an occasional woo woo and barking at the neighbors) so this typing thing is really neat. Smokey wants to type too so you may see a future blog from him. He's usually too busy barking to care about anything else, but who knows, maybe he'll take a break from it and fill you in.

Wanna hear a joke? What do you call a Husky? Doesn't matter, he's stubborn and won't listen anyway. WWOOOOOOO WOOOOOOO....................

I will attach some photos of myself and my brother sometime soon so that you can enjoy them. I just have to ask mom if she'll let me use the digital camera. She tends to frown on the drool I get all over the screen and lense, but I'll try to be careful.

Hope you enjoy my blog and that you come back often.