Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Big old spiders.....

Ha ROoooooooo!

Well, today my humom found a great big wolf spider and she started freaking out. It was fun to watch.

She put both her legs up on the chair and squealed and squealed until my hudad caught it and took it outside, which didn't make her at all happy because that means that it could come back in.

When he caught it, she ran up three flights of stairs (not an easy feat after eating so much garbage food--none of which she'll share with us) and locked herself in the bathroom. I guess she thought dad was going to chase her around with it or something. She finally came out of the bathroom after about 3 minutes of asking over and over again "Where's the spider?".

It was quite amuzing. Anyway, how scary can it be? It is part wolf which is part canine which is what I am. Duh. Stoopid hoomans.

Hope all is well in your homes and that HULA is going strong!