Sunday, August 30, 2009

I feeeeeeeeel good!

I am feeling so good lately. I've been really playful and have been pestering Smokey to play with me. He's not diggin it either. I think he's getting old and cranky.

Yesterday I got to see my friend Denise. She came over to visit mom and dad and she fawned all over me. She says I look cute and she gave me a kiss on my forehead. She is a husky mom too, but Bandit and I don't really get along so well.

Tomorrow mom and dad go back to work and Chauncey goes back to school, so I'm gonna try to get Smokey to play.

Mom had a mygrane today so she was in bed a lot. I went upstairs and crawled in bed with her to keep her company. We snuggled a lot and I licked her salty tears because her head was hurting so much that she was crying. I know how it feels to feel icky, so I was happy to be there for her and she told me I was a sweet baby boy.

Nothing else new here, just growing furs and healing.

Talk to you all soon and I hope you have a great week!

Hugs and drool,


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Junk in the trunk?

Well, furs growing back and mom says I got a little junk in my trunk. She does know I'm not a car, right?!

Here are some of my new handsome poses. Mom says I look like a cute little polar bear without my furry tail. What do you think?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Been drained...

Mommy hasn't let me use the computer this week because she said she's been "drained". I think all the stress caught up to her and she's been very sleepy.

Today she had to go get a shot for her allergies. Now she's really sleepy and said her right butt hurts. I know what that is like, so I'm being extra good for her.

Holly's mommy and daddy had to drive to Sioux City for her daddy's mom's surgery. I know that sounded confusing, it's Jan's mother in law. Anyway, things didn't go very well this last Wednesday when they did the first surgery, so they have been driving up there a lot to check in on her. Please cross your paws and send sibe vibes to them (I hope those work for humans).

Well, mommy says she'll be getting some pictures of me up soon, so be ready cuz I'm feeling pretty photogenic. This not having a tail is kinda cool. I'm streamlined, I don't knock things over with it anymore, and mom and dad treat me extra special. I think I'm gonna milk it for awhile longer. I love this extra attention.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Hugs and drool,

Saturday, August 15, 2009

IT'S GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got the call from Dr. Siva at Colorado State and he told me that he got 7mm clean edges. The cancer is GONE!!!!!!!!!

We'll be going in this Wednesday for the stitches to come out and to get a check up and then we go every three months for check ups and every six months for a chest x-ray and after two years of that, we can hopefully still be tumor and cancer free!

Dr. Siva is an angel and he saved my sweet Kelsey from that awful disease. I can't tell you how good it feels to finally be able to take a breath again! It's been a long two months (worst two of my life).

Finally, we're healthy and Kelsey is a true cancer survivor. I'm very proud of him and I draw strength from how strong he is. He's been through a lot and he's still got the fight to survive in him.

Thank you all again. We'll deal with not having a tail as long as we still have him in our lives and can love him. I won't ever take another day for granted.

All my love to you all!

Cody and Kelsey and the rest of the gang


Huroo everypup! Kelsey here, feeling better each day. Mommy finally let me use the computer since I'm feeling better.

Hey, did you notice that something is missing from behind me? I can't find it! I also feel a breeze back there. Wait, my fluff is missing!!!! The pain meds are gone and I'm back in the right frame of mind (whatever that means). I thought I was hawoooocinating before when I looked back there, but even without the pain stuffs, I see the same naked back end.

Anyroo, I am gonna go take a nap and wanted to say hi and let you all know I'm doing pretty good. Mom hasn't cried for a couple of days, so that's a good thing. I even spent some time outside on Thursday with her and dad while they swam. They haven't let me get back in my pool yet though. Mom says something about stitches so I guess I'll be patient and go in there next week if they get it out for me.

Hope you are all doing grrreat!

Hugs and drool,
Kel (seriously, if you see my fluffy tail can you send it back to me?)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Still no news...

Still don't know about the end result of the surgery. They are testing the tail and tissues for a clean margin, but still don't have results. Argh, another weekend of waiting and wondering.

Kelsey is doing very well and came to the back of the yard last night while Tim and I swam in our pool. He laid down in the shade and seemed quite content. He has been sleeping a little less and we are officially out of pain medicine (was supposed to last 5 days, but I spread it out a little further and made it last 7).

His incision looks really good (if that's possible) and we go to see the vet next Wednesday to get the stitches removed and for a short exam. Hopefully all will be well. He's itching a lot, but doesn't seem to be too bothered by it.

He's a trooper. He is just such a sweet boy and I'm glad that he's still here with me. I don't want to be selfish and I know that eventually he will make the trip to the bridge, I just am hoping for good results and many more years before he goes.

I've decided that he actually looks quite cute without the tail. Who needs all that extra fluff anyway. He's just got a little more character now.

I'll get some new pictures of his shaved fanny soon, so you can see how he is healing. I will take some after the stitches come out.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Cody (and Kel, bright eyed and no tailed)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still crying a lot...

What in the world is wrong with me?! Last night Kelsey wouldn't let me near him and wouldn't eat. I cried my eyes out! My poor husband must think I've totally lost it. I know Kel just had surgery, is on pain meds, and is sliced from cheek to cheek, I should know I'm not at the top of his priority list right now.

Anyway, I pulled off the fentanyl patch (that was a real treat!) and Kelsey nipped at me and then I felt bad about that and cried. Sheesh, did the wind change direction? I feel another tear coming on.

I am not sure if my nervous breakdown is in full swing or what the deal is. Maybe it's that I am just still angry about the cancer. I don't know.

Tonight, he's doing a lot better. He's more alert and he's eating better (of course, I did make him steamed ground turkey meatballs with egg whites and parsley in them and he also had some steamed broccoli). He's up moving around a bit more and the incision still looks good. I'm the one who's not doing well.

I really hope that you all take a moment and really rub your pets down to see if you feel any abnormal growths. If you do this regularly, you'll know your pet's body and will notice any changes right away so that you can get treatment before it's too late.

I never thought we'd have to go through all of this. We never think it'll be us or our beloved furball.

My Smokey Bear even had a tumor just under his tail above his rectum removed about 6 or 7 months ago. His was small, but I would NEVER have thought to look there for a lump. Turned out that it was benign, but you just never know.

So, STOP reading this and really feel your pet. Neck, inside of legs, tail, just below his/her ears...anywhere. Don't just pet them, really use your finger tips and see if you feel any masses. Some are just lipomas and aren't anything to worry about, but unfortunately, some are bad and need to be checked.

From my heart to yours,


Monday, August 10, 2009

Metamucil you say?

Kelsey seems to be a little on the constipated side. Just talked to Dr. Siva (the angel that was sent to us with surgical hands wrapped in wings) and he said to add a little Metamucil to Kelsey's diet.

Anyway, he's been resting a lot today. Our sixteen year old son is still home on summer break, so he was able to watch Kelsey all day. He slept most of the day from what Chauncey told me.

So, we're just healing and waiting for results. I am not good with waiting....


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Kelsey slept most of the night, only getting up once to get comfortable. Today has been rainy and stormy, a perfect day for resting and healing.

Earlier, I got down on the floor beside his bed where he was resting and just stared at him. I pray that the entire tumor and that the awful cancer is gone. I just can't stand the thought of having to take him back to Colorado and having to leave him there for radiation. I think that would probably be so hard on both of us.

I have been reading a book that the Colorado hospital gave me called "What Now?". It was in my oncology packet. It has some really great information in it about how to deal with a pet that has cancer and what kind of emotions the owner might feel. I thought I was just an emotional mess because I'm an emotional mess, but turns out I was and am feeling the things that everyone feels when their beloved pet has cancer.

Typing this blog has been a great release for me. I know that here I can type out all of my fears and can really just pour my heart out and everyone reading will understand how I feel because you all love your pets as much as I do.

I read somewhere that one in ten pets will be diagnosed with cancer. I had no idea that the numbers were that high. I had no idea that we would be the one in ten.

Anyway, I will close by telling you all that Kelsey had a great day and he was actually a bit playful earlier. I have had a hard time with getting him to eat and bought some organic turkey, sweet potato, and pea moist food for him and literally had to feed him out of my fingers (it was the only way to get his meds in him and with all he's been through, I didn't want to shove them down his throat). He's going to the bathroom on his own, which was one of the concerns.

I think we're going to be ok. I hope so anyway. I will go to bed and say my prayers for his health to be ok and for us to have many more years together.

Love you all,

Saturday, August 08, 2009

We're home!

Ok, we're home! Kelsey slept almost all of the 8 hour drive. He got out and went potty once for us but other than that, he slept (which is what he needed to be doing).

The surgeon's report says that "The mass grossly appeared to be completely excised." So, we're hoping that in four days or so we'll find out there were clean margins so we don't have to go back out to Colorado for radiation.

He's sleeping like an angel on his puppy bed and I'm just so thankful that he's here. I want to share a few pictures with you. One of them is of Dr. Ramesh Sivacolundhu (Dr. Siva is what he's called at the hospital). He was so kind and let me ask a million questions and spent almost 2 hours with us for a consultation. I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon to be taking care of my sweet boy.

There are a couple of pictures of Kelsey, sans tail. Looks bad now, but I know that it will heal and he's just more special to me. He fought the fight with me and I'm so happy to have him here. However, I guess I can't say he's "bright eyed and bushy tailed" anymore. HA

One of the pictures is of my new tattoo. I hope you can all see the blue in the lettering. It was chosen by Holly's mom because Kelsey's eyes are such a beautiful blue.

My favorite picture is of Kelsey and I together. I got on the bed beside him in the hotel Friday morning before the consult. Right when I went to snap the picture, he licked my face (I LOVE HIS KISSES!). Anyway, it's a picture that I will hold near and dear for the rest of my days. He really is my sweet angel and I love him so much.

Thank you all again for all of the kind words and prayers. We just have to get past this last test of the tissue and then we can finally breathe again.
My best to all of you!


Friday, August 07, 2009

More information

Dinner was delicious, we had Thai. Before that though, I got a new tattoo. When my husband and I were having problems in our marriage, we got matching tattoos as a sign of our "rekindling" our relationship. When our son got a concussion, I got a tattoo of his name and a heart. Now, with my sweet Kelsey being sick, I got a tattoo of his name and a pawprint on my right ankle.

Ok, now for the important stuff.

The surgery went really well. We went in today at 10:30 for a consult and by 2:00, we were in surgery! The dr called us and said that it went really well and that he was in recovery with the anesthesiologist waking up.

Tail is gone, but he is still here to be with us. That's all I asked for, him to be here and still have a good quality of life.

I've gotten some really great pictures, so as soon as we're home, I'll get them uploaded.

I really can't thank you all enough for the support. It's been an emotional time, but I'm pulling through it with the help of all of you.

I'll blog more as more becomes available.

Hugs to all of you!

Tail B Gone

Met with the surgeon earlier (at 10:30) and by 2:00 Kelsey was in anesthesia and surgery. Who knew they were such movers and shakers.

The surgeon said Kel did really well during the surgery and he is still waking up. The tail is completely gone, not even a nub. BUT, I for one will just continue to love him more and more.

We're off to dinner right now and I will post more as soon as we return. But for now, it's great news and hopefully will be a full recovery!

Thank you all for your prayers!


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Safe in Colorado

We made it to Colwoorado safely! It was a long drive and I'm exhausted. Mommy and mommy had to get a new hotel room because the air was broken in our old one and it was so hot in there.

I didn't sleep much today (for only about an hour in the car) and now I'm all stretched out on mommy's bed and getting ready for my big day.

It rained a lot on our way out here, for about an hour, and it was pouring. Mommy was nice enough to get out and walk with me for about 15 minutes in the rain and lightening. I made a #2 and she was so happy that we were done. I know, TMI.

Anyway, I'm off to have sweet puppy dreams and hope for good news tomorrow.

Hugs to all of woo and thank you so much for the kind words. Special note to Summies mummy, thank you for wearing your bracelet in my honor. I told mommy about it and it made her cry. I'm glad you are all here for her and for me.

Hugs and drool,

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Tomorrow is the BIG day

Tomorrow I leave with my mommy and my other mommy. If that sounds confusing, here's the story.

One day long ago I was running loose on the streets in Missouri. I was hungry, thin, scared of people, and alone. I was picked up by a person from the animal shelter and got fed, but I was still scared and the cage was not exactly warm and fuzzy.

After what seemed like forever, a nice woman named Janice came to visit me. She told the man she wanted to adopt me and take me home. He told her that I wasn't neutered, so she'd have to come back. She drove ALL the way back to Omaha, and then returned a few days later. She put me in the car and I was terrified. I didn't understand what was going on. This woman, with the soft voice wanted to pet me. Whoa, why would anyone do that? I couldn't get used to this kindess. She got me to her home and literally had to hold me down so that she could give me this petting and love (things I was not aware existed).

After nearly a year, she met my new mommy, Cody. She let me go spend the night at Cody's house and I got to play with Smokey, Chauncey, and Tim. I was a little nervous. I'd come to know the love that Janice (my firstest mommy) had shown me, but was a little leary of strangers.

My mommy Janice came back to see me and told my new mommy that I could live here with her furever. My mommy Janice cried and cried as she left and I wanted to go with her.

Now, here it is almost 7 years later, and I still have two mommies! Who would have ever thought that I would be lucky enough to have two mommies to love me and care for me and cry for me and fuss over me?! I'm just a dog from the streets.

So, tomorrow, my mommy and my other mommy will take me to Colorado. I know they are both hopeful for me to become healthy and beat this stupid cancer. I'm ready to be rid of it too. You saw the pictures, my tushy is all naked! How embarassing.

Now, I'm going to be stuck with both of them pawing all over me! I guess there are worse things in life though. I could be out on the streets still, or worse.

I'll let you know how it all goes,

Hugs and drool,

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Rest in Peace Abbot

It is with a heavy heart that I am posting that mommy's friend Jonene lost her sweet Abbot to cancer.

Mommy and Jonene have been talking a lot recently and turns out they go to the same doctors office that we go to. Apparently Abbot has been battling this illness for some time and while he wasn't a blogger, he was a fellow fur friend.

To Abbot I say, there is no more pain. You are free from cancer. No more needles and you are free. Play with all the other kitties and puppies at the bridge and someday, when the time is right, your humes will cross the bridge with you.

To Jonene, Ron, and the kids I say, I'm terribly sorry for your loss. We don't even think about how hard the end will be until it gets here. We live for the moment and the kisses and snuggles. You are truly better people for the love that you gave Abbot while he was here and he will be waiting for you at this side of the bridge.

All of our thoughts and prayers,
Kelsey, Smokey, and Cody

Puzzler for you

What do you get when you cross a white siberian husky and a silver Mazda?

Yup, me going to Colorado four days early!!! The doctor called my mommy today and said they can get us in on Friday instead of Monday. That means we'll be in the car (silver Mazda) on our way to there on Thursday.

Not sure why mom cries about stuff like this and she's keeping a book that she has named Kelsey's Cancer Book. I think that because she can't control the cancer, she's got this book as something she can control. If it were my book, I'd spend less time writin in it and more time slobbering on the pages and making the paper tear. It's a fun sound that paper makes (ask Khady about it, she's into that too).

So, wish us luck and a safe drive. My other mommy, Janice, is bringing her laptop, so if we have a wi-fi connection (whatever that is), hopefully I'll get to blog with any news.

Oh, by the way, mommy said I passed all my tests and that they were all normal. Whew, sure glad I studied.

Hope you're all having a great week and I'll be on the lookout for snow as we get closer to Colorado.

Hugs and drool,


Monday, August 03, 2009

No more stitches for now...

I got the hot pink stitches taken out today when we went in for my tests. I studied really hard (ok, I hid my nose in the middle of the book and pretended, but what mommy doesn't know won't hurt me).

I rode in the car and got to see and smell some new things. I hope I have lots more days of that. I really like going in the car. Today, mommy turned around and said "hey baby schnooks, are we going bye bye again" (baby schnooks?) anyway, I pressed my cold and wet nose on her lips and gave her a great big kiss! She started laughing and my boy (the human boy, Chauncey) he was laughing too. One big wet kiss from me and she loses herself in laughter and giggles.

Dr. Osterholm went out and talked to mommy and my boy while I was in the back getting them pink stitches out. I could tell that mommy had been crying again. She's really worried about me and about making the right choices. She said that Dr. Osterholm helped make her feel better. Dr. O's Shepherd had cancer too and she took her to Colorado, so she knows what we're all going through.

That's all for now, mom's cooking something that smells really good, so I'm gonna go lay at her feet and maybe she'll drop something yummy.

Ta ta for now

Sunday, August 02, 2009


I think I gotta study cuz mommy said I have to get some tests tomorrow before our trip.

She says I gotta take a c bee c test and a youranalysis and a chem panel. I don't know where the books are to study for these, but hopefully you've got some that I can use.

I'm running out of time too because I have to be there at 5:00 tomorrow, so find your studyin books and help me pass these tests!

Nervous about testing,


PS... I helped my mommy feel a little better. I snuggled with her real good last night and am planning more of the same today. She's smiling and I made her giggle last night too. She's being strong for both of us.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

For fun

I got under the grill. Call me Spot.

Here are some pictures of Kelsey that I want to share with all of you. Enjoy! He's just so darn cute!