Sunday, August 30, 2009

I feeeeeeeeel good!

I am feeling so good lately. I've been really playful and have been pestering Smokey to play with me. He's not diggin it either. I think he's getting old and cranky.

Yesterday I got to see my friend Denise. She came over to visit mom and dad and she fawned all over me. She says I look cute and she gave me a kiss on my forehead. She is a husky mom too, but Bandit and I don't really get along so well.

Tomorrow mom and dad go back to work and Chauncey goes back to school, so I'm gonna try to get Smokey to play.

Mom had a mygrane today so she was in bed a lot. I went upstairs and crawled in bed with her to keep her company. We snuggled a lot and I licked her salty tears because her head was hurting so much that she was crying. I know how it feels to feel icky, so I was happy to be there for her and she told me I was a sweet baby boy.

Nothing else new here, just growing furs and healing.

Talk to you all soon and I hope you have a great week!

Hugs and drool,