Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Monday

Well, no rain like my humom promised. No matter though, it was chilly out and I got to run around out in the wind.

My humom and hudad bought yet another child safety lock for the cabinet with the trash can in it. Guess what, I STILL got it open while they were sleeping last night. I don't think they were as amused as I was that I got it open. Oh well, I guess they'll try another kind of latch someday.

I would like to let you all know that the temperature in Omaha will be getting pretty darn cold. Add some snow and it'll be perfecto!

Smokey and I like to frolic in the snow. I especially like when the snow drifts and I can run through it. I also like when my humes shovel it off the deck and I can run into the flying snow and bite at it. Only thing is that it makes my teeth cold.

This morning the man that comes to take away our poopie came again. I barked at him a lot. He seems nice and pets us both when we come out to see him in the yard. I just don't understand why he wants our poopies. What could a human possibly need with it???

Not much else to report here. I am glad that I'm meeting all of the other furry friends on dog blog and hope to meet more and more!

Have a great Tuesday! (oh, and if you know why the human takes our poopie, could you please enlighten me?)

Kel and Smokey