Thursday, October 26, 2006

I have many questions...

Today I spent the day pondering things while my mom slept. Ready? There's a lot I need to know...

1. When your hume brushes you outside and it's windy, where does all the hair go?

2. When we meet new dogs, we give'm a good ole' sniffin. When humes meet new humes, they shake hands. Why don't they give'm a good ole' sniffin?

3. Still wondering what the guy that comes over on Monday's is doing taking my poop out of the yard. Why does he want it?

4. Why do I only want the things I can't have and then once you finally cave in and give it to me, do I not want it anymore?

5. Why can't I have the animals I catch in the back yard to keep as toys (or snacks)? I caught them.