Thursday, October 19, 2006

By the way......

Helloooo! Smokey here. Kelsey finally stopped hogging the computer long enough for me to get my two cents worth.

Yes I'm the one that barks a lot, but it's just because I'm old and wise and have a lot to say. Also, I am not a weenie as Kelsey likes to say that I am...I am just not as young as I used to be and I don't see the point in running around like my tail is on fire all the time, like he does.

I do find comfort in the normal daily things like sleeping on the furniture, getting my belly rubbed, sniffing my humes hair, and licking my butt. These are normal daily things that I find absolutely relaxing.

I like that Kelsey put pictures of both of us on the website, however, I feel like they don't really capture my true beauty and he chose the ones of him that do. I will have to dig for some good ones of myself when he's not around, unless he drooled on them all when he was digging through them. Hard to say with that one.

I like having a brother, but I don't always like having to share everything. I know it's the only fair thing to do, but I don't necessarily enjoy it. I do like the chicken and green beans we get and that was something we get because of Kelsey being overweight, so I guess that's a good thing about his being here.

I do like that my humom spends more time brushing him and less time brushing me. He's got more hair and I enjoy watching him be tortured. It's fun. He runs around and barks like he's scared or mad, but I think he kinda enjoys the attention. I'd rather have a good scritchin' behind the ears any day of the week.

If you furry friends get a chance, check out my humom's website. It's She and Hollybollyboo's humom have a animal rights group and the website is full of information about safety and stuff that helps to keep us furry friends safe. Good information for your humans to read. Also, there's a kids page for the younger humes in your homes.

Gotta go for now!