Friday, September 07, 2007

My apologies for my absence.

I have been gone for far too long...again... Seems to be a trend around here. Things get going nice and smooth, and then BAM! it all breaks loose.

School started so my boy is gone a lot more. I got used to him being home during the day with us. Oh well, now we can sleep without being bothered.

I got tagged for quite a few things. I am to woo about my humans. I'm going to have a difficult time with this since every time I turn around, my humom is taking me to the hospital and they make me fall asleep and when I wake up I'm in pain.

Just yesterday, we went to the hospital and when I woke up, a tooth was missing! My big long fang on the left side is gone! Where did it go? I dunno. I know my mouth hurts and I had a seizure and I keep falling down, but I don't know where my tooth is!

Mom says I look handsome without it, but I'm not convinced.

Dad is awesome cuz he plays with me a lot. He will get down on the floor and wrestle with me and run around the coffee table chasing me so I run too. It's a lot of fun.

Mom is pretty nice and she's always askin me for huggies and kisses. I get really excited when she does this and I dance around the room, bark, and jump on her before I give in. It's fun to see her laugh.

My foster mom, Janice, is really sweet. She still comes to visit me really often, which I love. If she hadn't taken me from the place in Misery, I would be a goner rigt now. I love her so much! She plays with me and brings me treats too!

Smokey isn't a human, but he's sure a good brother. We play tug of war and also run around the back yard together. It's a lot of fun.

Thank you all for being patient about me blogging. The humans moved the computer and I couldn't get to it. It's back in it's rightful place now though, so we're good to go.

Woo's to all,