Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ready for the weekend!

Well, my humom says the weather is supposed to be really nice (possible rain)...we know what that means, THE DIRT WILL BE AWESOME FOR DIGGING!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to go out and get my white paws all goopy in the dirt. I can feel it now-grass between my toes, fur all clumpy with mud, oh the smell of it. I don't know what could be better!

Then, the real fun comes...I go in through the doggie door, lightening fast so she can't catch me with that towel she's holding to wipe off my feet, I slide all around on the shiny floor in the kitchen, making sure to get each corner of it nice and sloppy. Then I'm off to the rooms with the furry floors (my humom says it's something called carpet or something like that). Then, onto the furniture (couch, chair, and beds). Oh what fun I'm going to have!

Smokey doesn't usually partake in this fun. He's to proper for that. He just watches me thinking that he's better than me. Silly fool, he doesn't know what he's a missin.

Later, when my humom tries to get me into the box with the hose and water to wash me off, I'll run like mad out the doggie door again so she can't catch me.

It's going to be sooooo much fun! Wooooooooo woooooooooooooo!

Things I do to make my humom crazy...
1. Open the toilet lids with my nose. (I don't drink from there, but she doesn't know that and it's fun to keep her guessing)
2. Nip and bite her while she's sleeping. Why doesn't she understand that I just wanna play?
3. Get into the trash and cover the shiny floor with it.
4. Open cases of pop and hide the cans all around the house...hide and seek anyone?

Hope all my canine friends have great weekends and that they have many adventures!

Woo woo,