Sunday, November 16, 2008


It's been over a YEAR? I gotta figure out where all of that time went! I am using the new laptop that mom and dad got from my other mommy, and I really like it. The last year has been a busy one. I've been staying out of trouble (not eating stuff that I'm not sposed to). I am on a new diet and take medication for it called Slentrol. It's working wonders too. I'm down to 95 pounds. Still more than I should be but it's a far cry from the 121 I was at.

I had to go to the hospital awhile back. Mom and dad thought I'd had a stroke. I couldn't move. I couldn't stand. Nothing. Turns out, I had a swollen disc in my back and after a few days locked in a kennel at the hospital, the swelling went away and I could run and play again. I could tell mom was pretty scared because she was crying and had wet stuff coming out of her eyes.

Smokey is doing well too. We just hang out on our new beds.

I will do better at blogging, so check back and see what we're up to.

Hugs and Drool, Kelsey