Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yucky day

Well, it has been a yucky day according to my humom. The weather is nice and cool and the mist isn't really bothering me cuz I've got husky hair. Not sure if it's bothering Smokey too much though, he's just layin around being lazy.

My humom said she found a lump on Smokey under his right ear. She seemed really freaked out about it. Mom always freaks out when one of us has even the smallest things wrong. Looks like poor old Smokey has to go to the doctors this Saturday to get it checked out.

I'm healthy though. I've not had a seizure in over a month and my weight is getting under control. My humom is very happy with me.

A couple of weeks ago she gave us some nummies and I mushed it onto her bed with my pink snout. She now calls me Mush Mush. I think it's cute and when she says it, my tail wags a lot. I'm not sure why it does that. It just does.

Anyway, I better go back to sleep. Dad doesn't know I'm on the computer.