Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still crying a lot...

What in the world is wrong with me?! Last night Kelsey wouldn't let me near him and wouldn't eat. I cried my eyes out! My poor husband must think I've totally lost it. I know Kel just had surgery, is on pain meds, and is sliced from cheek to cheek, I should know I'm not at the top of his priority list right now.

Anyway, I pulled off the fentanyl patch (that was a real treat!) and Kelsey nipped at me and then I felt bad about that and cried. Sheesh, did the wind change direction? I feel another tear coming on.

I am not sure if my nervous breakdown is in full swing or what the deal is. Maybe it's that I am just still angry about the cancer. I don't know.

Tonight, he's doing a lot better. He's more alert and he's eating better (of course, I did make him steamed ground turkey meatballs with egg whites and parsley in them and he also had some steamed broccoli). He's up moving around a bit more and the incision still looks good. I'm the one who's not doing well.

I really hope that you all take a moment and really rub your pets down to see if you feel any abnormal growths. If you do this regularly, you'll know your pet's body and will notice any changes right away so that you can get treatment before it's too late.

I never thought we'd have to go through all of this. We never think it'll be us or our beloved furball.

My Smokey Bear even had a tumor just under his tail above his rectum removed about 6 or 7 months ago. His was small, but I would NEVER have thought to look there for a lump. Turned out that it was benign, but you just never know.

So, STOP reading this and really feel your pet. Neck, inside of legs, tail, just below his/her ears...anywhere. Don't just pet them, really use your finger tips and see if you feel any masses. Some are just lipomas and aren't anything to worry about, but unfortunately, some are bad and need to be checked.

From my heart to yours,