Sunday, August 09, 2009

Kelsey slept most of the night, only getting up once to get comfortable. Today has been rainy and stormy, a perfect day for resting and healing.

Earlier, I got down on the floor beside his bed where he was resting and just stared at him. I pray that the entire tumor and that the awful cancer is gone. I just can't stand the thought of having to take him back to Colorado and having to leave him there for radiation. I think that would probably be so hard on both of us.

I have been reading a book that the Colorado hospital gave me called "What Now?". It was in my oncology packet. It has some really great information in it about how to deal with a pet that has cancer and what kind of emotions the owner might feel. I thought I was just an emotional mess because I'm an emotional mess, but turns out I was and am feeling the things that everyone feels when their beloved pet has cancer.

Typing this blog has been a great release for me. I know that here I can type out all of my fears and can really just pour my heart out and everyone reading will understand how I feel because you all love your pets as much as I do.

I read somewhere that one in ten pets will be diagnosed with cancer. I had no idea that the numbers were that high. I had no idea that we would be the one in ten.

Anyway, I will close by telling you all that Kelsey had a great day and he was actually a bit playful earlier. I have had a hard time with getting him to eat and bought some organic turkey, sweet potato, and pea moist food for him and literally had to feed him out of my fingers (it was the only way to get his meds in him and with all he's been through, I didn't want to shove them down his throat). He's going to the bathroom on his own, which was one of the concerns.

I think we're going to be ok. I hope so anyway. I will go to bed and say my prayers for his health to be ok and for us to have many more years together.

Love you all,


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

That is great news to see!

There is a lot of value in sharing/venting/ranting/etc 'here' -
fur there are many humans that know a lot and many of 'us' that khare and will help likhk away all the tears of happiness, sadnes, and frustration!

My mom feels fortunate that we haven't gone through this but many have already and one day we is nice to have the power of the paws!


Holly and Khady said...

We, of course, are keeping all our paws crossed too! We're hoping you don't ever have to go back to CSU either!!!

But, they did a fantastic job, and you were in the best hands! You have a great mom who loves you very much!!

Holly and Khady Lynn

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I'm glad Kelsey is healing and that you're taking such great care of him. Hopefully you'll get the results back soon on if all the cancer is gone.


Hero said...

Kelsey is such a lucky pup to have a mom like you. I hope he heals completely and that you don't have to go back to CSU. It must be very hard for you right now, but I'm glad you and Kelsey still have each other. I still have my paws crossed for Kelsey's well-being! I'll continue to send lots of sibe vibes!