Friday, July 31, 2009

So, we're off to Colorado...I wonder if there is any snow?

Mommy got the call earlier from Dr. Johnson and it turns out that even Dr. Johnson feels that the best place for me is Colorado State. We're going on August 10th for a consultation.

Mommy has been getting a lot of well wishes, but also a lot of people saying things like "maybe it's time to let go" and "you're crazy for doing so much for a dog" (Whoa, I take offense to that one, I'm not just a dog, I'm a fluffy Siberian Husky). She's also heard that there's a "line" and that by considering all of this surgery, travel, and raydiashun, that she could just get a new dog (again with the DOG thing...I'm a fluffy puppy, a mini hume with fur, a gorgeous fuzzy love bug). Anyway, she's having some hard conversations with people and is spending a lot of her time defending herself. I wish I could just bite some of those people.

Oh, then there's the "can you guarantee it won't come back?" and the "he's gonna go someday" and a lot more. She seems confused and upset. She's been crying a lot again too. How can I make her feel better?

I know she loves me. She tells me so all the time and she's always asking me for kisses (most of the time I give them to her...especially right after drinking a lot of water so I know they're good and sloppy).

I'm not ready to go to the bridge yet. I've got a lot of love left to give and fun to have. I hope she doesn't give up on me. I know it must be hard for her to hear all of the negative talk from everyone. I can tell she's upset and she's sad and she's angry at this disease. She's a mess. I mean seriously, a mess. She's got bags under her eyes that you could park a truck in, she's not sleeping, she's not eating well, she's sad, and she's constantly crying.

Hoping things get better for her and that my bum gets better so we can play and snuggle for a long time,


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

As my mom told Dakota's mom on many occasions, Dakota would let her know when it was time...

I think woo will be the same long as woo still want to be here and she wants woo here, I KNOW woo will be able to khome up with a plan...

It is easy fur those not in our paws to say what they would do...

Bottom line: woo need to have a talk with your mom (and probably that MalGal's mom too)!


Lacy said...

w00fs, ok mama wants to talk 1st..grrr makes me sooo mad for someone to say they r not worth it..our dogs and cats are like our kids, and if we could help them in ANY way, we will...please dont let humans like that upset u...and Kelsey i sure hope u get good news when u go to colorado..that they can help u...

b safe,
~rocky and mama~

Moondance Huskies said...

Hi Kelsey,
Please tell your mom not to listen to humans who don't understand what it is to have a special relationship with a furbaby! We support her 110%. You are obviously NOT ready to leave her. My mom opted to do surgery on Kira...she had liver cancer and lived for 2yrs & 8mo after the surgery. She did NOT die from cancer...she died from old age. As for the ones who ask "can you guarantee it won't come back", our answer is THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES IN LIFE! And we are all certainly not "just dogs"..we are NOT disposable! GRRRRRRRR!!!People like that get us SO mad!
Know you have our support. Feel free to contact us anytime!
Good luck & keeping those healing vibes going,
Skye, the Moondance Huskies,kitties and mom Joan

Holly and Khady said...

Well, you know just how I feel about people who say things like that! Those people don't understand, and never will, so their opinions really don't count.

Besides, I will be more than happy to skhwish them for you! Stick with your doggie community of friends. We are the only ones who really understand!


The Thundering Herd said...

There is a time - and Kelsey will let you know when that is.

Over the years, we have sometimes made decisions to fight a situation and other times where we have decided to just enjoy the time we had. Either of those decisions is painful, tough, and - most importantly - personal. And either of those decision can be criticized by someone not actually living it.

If the decisions you make are made out of love and concern for Kelsey, then they are the right decisions - and The Herd and its Humans certainly support you.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

You are so right! Siberian huskies are not dogs and your mom is totally right to take care of you.


Kelsey and Smokey said...

Thank you all so much for those words of support. Just want to make sure that the right decisions are made, and that's so hard to do.

Janice already made the hotel reservation for Colorado, so we just have to pray that they can help and that Kelsey will be here to love that much longer. I know we're all on borrowed time, I just wish it was easier to deal with the choices we are forced to make while we are here.

Thank you all again!


Homer said...

Hey Cody,

Stick to your 'guns'. Do what you feel is right 'cos nobody knows Kelsey better than you.

Please don't cry. I know it's easier said than done and you are overwhelmed. Try to stay focus and positive. Dogs can pick up our emotions easily so, do it for Kelsey, k?

Do keep us posted.

Lots of love and hugs,

The OP Pack said...

Dakota's mom here - Kelsey reminds me so much of my sweet Princess. Khyra's mom is right, she told me that over and over. You know, you just do what your heart tells you is right for YOU and forget about the rest of those people. We are once again facing a new cancer issue here but it is not the same as yours. We are on a wait and see what happens mode. We wish you all the luck in the world with doing what is best for Kelsey.

Hugs, the OP Pack's Mom

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